Cedar Tree Business Cards


This business card design was inspired by Adam’s request to incorporate the Cedar Tree. A simple san serif typeface with a black and white palette, creates this modern yet earthy look. adammollerphd.com

Montana ‘Earthly Heavens’


Montana ‘Earthly Heavens’ is one piece from a series of nature inspired photographic collages. It’s a compilation of many images that have been edited down and then recomposed to create a whimsical snapshot in time. All seasons are represented simultaneously as creatures native to Montana share this idealistic scene. Areas from around Bozeman, The Bridgers, Yellowstone and Glacier are represented.

Modern Mexican Wedding Invitations


Check out Sonja y Chris’ South of the border wedding invitations. The design was inspired by the couple’s simple, sophisticated and modern, Mexican destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas. Bright white and festive colors were used throughout the package which included an invite, rsvp, bellyband, custom envelopes and thank you card.

Maggie + Geoffrey’s Wedding Suite


This moody wedding suite was inspired by the brides deep love of trees, specifically the oak variety. Like how love is born with a little kiss, mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Hood to Coast T-Shirt


Here’s the t-shirt design for the 2012 LifeMap Hood to Coast race. The goal was to capture the fun and quirky personality of the event by highlighting characteristics of each leg.    

Flora Fauna calling cards


The redesigned Flora Fauna business card. It matches the new website and reflects my current creative inspiration. The front and back designs are shown here. Thanks to Stevens IS (Lonnie Burns) for the printing of these.

Prohibition Vodka Labels


This is vodka label that was designed for Dogwood Distilling in Forest Grove, Oregon. DL Franklin is represented as a “snake oil salesman” that would ride into town sell his “good” and be gone by morning come. Look for DL Franklin on the shelves of your local liquor store and Favorite Portland bar/restaurant. Dogwood Distilling…